Email, Text or Print Invoice/Receipt

As the auction manager you have the ability to email or text an invoice/receipt link to a bidder or if necessary to print an invoice/receipt. Your winning bidders will also be taken to the invoice screen at the end of an auction.

To work with invoices in the left hand navigation click on 'INVOICES/RECEIPTS'

You can search here for a name or bid number. Filter the receipts by all, paid, or not paid. You also have some information here showing the item count, totals, and if the bidder has a card on file. 

Print Multiple Invoice/Receipts

  1. Make sure your auction shows the CLOSED status in the upper right hand corner
  2. Select all receipts, paid receipts, or not paid receipts
  3. Select the Print Receipts icon
  4. Your Invoice/Receipts will be displayed in the browser and can be send to a print or pdf file using your computers print function. 



Email, Text or Print Individual Invoice/Receipt

  1. By default an email receipt will be sent when it is paid
  2. You may also elect an individual Invoice/Receipt to be texted or emailed to a bidder or printed
  3. Select the email receipt, text receipt, or print receipt icons from the top of the invoice detail screen




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