Pay Invoice / Receipt

Pay Invoice/Receipt on Phone

The Bidder can either Add a Credit Card or if they have a card on file they can choose to MAKE A PAYMENT button at the bottom of their Invoice/Receipt.  They can select this button to authorize Handbid to charge their credit card on file.

If you add an item to a bidders invoice/receipt (live auction item, paddle raise, etc.) after the auction has closed, the bidder will receive an updated invoice directly through the app.  They can pay additional charges by selecting the MAKE A PAYMENT button again. 

Pay Invoice/Receipt in Auction Manager

  1. Select the Invoice/Receipts tab on the left navigation of the Auction Manager
  2. Select an individual Invoice/Receipt from the list (detailed information will be displayed on the right side of the screen)
  3. Click Pay Now button.  
  4. If you are using the Handbid card on file, use the Cards on File section on the left, otherwise you can record if someone paid by cash or check or your own 3rd party credit card vendor on the right.
  5. Click on the Process button on the lower right to make payment
  6. Your invoice will now be displayed as PAID IN FULL in the auction manager and on your mobile receipt. 
  7. A receipt will automatically be sent to the email address on the account.







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