Getting your Auction Banner and Logo to look good

Does your auction page look like this?  

Blurry banner and a logo that is way too small?  

Its easy to fix if you setup your items to have the correct dimensions.  Here are some tips on how to do that. 



The auction logo needs to be square in dimensions. The one used here is horizontal. To display the logo, Handbid has to zoom out on it in order to get the width to fit.  



To fix this, we recommend using a square Logo.  




The auction banner should be 1140 x 280.  1140 wide by 280 high.  If you add an image that is SMALLER than that as your banner, Handbid will zoom in on the image to make it fit. When it does that it will be blurry.  We recommend that you find an image that is AT LEAST 1140 px wide. 

The image used above was 400x300. Not nearly big enough or wide enough. 


The following photo works much better. It is not 1140 px wide, but when resized to fit 1140, it still looks decent.  You can use image editing software (e.g. Photoshop, Photoshop Elements) to adjust it as you need. 


So when we couple these together, this is what our revised banner and logo will look like:



If so, you can use our PhotoShop Template as a guide. It is attached to this article. The vertical guides in the template represent where the logo will cutout the banner


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