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Add/Remove Image from Existing Item

Need to add an image to an item, or do you need to remove an image? Follow the steps in this article to learn how!


Once your items have been created, either using the auction manager or the item upload template, you will want to make sure each item has an image. Below are the steps to add images:

  1. Select an item 
  2. Select the MEDIA tab in the edit item window
  3. Select the blue Choose an Image button
  4. Your image must be 800x600 pixels (very important for best viewing on app)
  5. Select your image by dragging and dropping your image in the window or by selecting an image directly from your desktop, camera, Facebook, Google drive, Dropbox, Instagram, Fickr, etc
  6. Select the Update button to save your image. 

Media tab embed code


NOTE:  You can add more than one image; however, only your primary (first) image will be displayed in the Handbid app. Click on an image and select the Primary button to change your primary image.

IMAGE SIZE SHOULD BE:  800 pixel wide by 600 pixels high. 



  1. In the left-hand menu in your Auction Dashboard, click the Items dropdown, select ALL, then click on the item in the item list.
  2. Once you click on the item and the detail window appears, click on the Media tab. 
  3. To remove an image, click on the image thumbnail. When you click the thumbnail a pop-up window will appear. This is where you can either set that image as the primary image or remove the image (see image below).
  4. Click the Remove button. 

There must be at least two images on an item in order to delete an image from the item. For items with one image you'd like to remove you would need to add a new image or replace the current one. 

remove or make image primary