Allow bidders to pledge donations

Pledge donations allow your bidders to make a donation without charging their credit card on file. If you do not have this setting enabled, your bidders will be required to add a card and charge that card in order to place the donation.

Allow your bidders to pledge donations can be beneficial in a couple of different ways. Here are a couple of reasons why you would want to allow this.

1. If you are encouraging your bidder to place donations through the app they can easily add a donation to their invoice without having a card on file. This makes it faster for donors to quickly register their donation since they do not have to add a credit card during the donation process.

2. Your bidders can pledge a donation that does not charge the card that they have on file. If you are encouraging donors to place donations through the Handbid app those donations can be processed from funds outside of Handbid.

To enable this feature you will need to go to your auction setting and then the financial tab.

You can access your auction setting from the gear wheel next to your auction name in your auction dashboard.

From here you will see a tab across the top of the auction settings that says "Financial".

In the Financial tab, you will see a checkbox on the bottom right. Make sure that the checkbox is checked if you want to enable this setting and unchecked if you want this setting disabled. Whenever you make changes in the auction manager you will need to select the green update button.

When this setting is enabled your bidders will see the option to make their donation as a pledge.

If the bidder selects to make a pledge donation they will get a message letting them know the donations has not charged their credit card, and they still have an outstanding invoice.

Once the bidder selects the confirm button the donation will be added to their invoice.