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Appeal Games: The "Run-Around"

Most Appeals (or Fund-A-Need)  work the same way. You establish contribution levels with your auctioneer, load them into Handbid and start raising money.

The auctioneer or MC will begin the appeal at the highest donation level and go down.  Your staff or volunteers (or Handbid staff, if we are present) will scribe paddle numbers at each level and enter them into Handbid.

This is a great way to raise money, but we have a great idea to add to this to make even more money! We call it the "Run-Around". The Run-Around will require one of your spotters (staff/volunteer/Handbid) to run around the room trying to give out an award to the last donor. 

How it works:

  1. Select a prize to go to the last donor.  Often times this prize can be some multiple of the donation amount (e.g. $500 prize if you have people donating $100 each time). Or a prize too valuable for a silent auction, but you held it out of the live auction. 
  2. You set a donation amount.  We recommend $100 but you can decide if you want that level to be higher or lower. But be sure to select a level at a point where people will consider or feel comfortable giving multiple times. 
  3. The game works by telling your crowd you want people to donate $100 (or chosen amount).  The last person to donate will win the prize. They can donate more than once, but each donation counts (Note: it's not a bid, it's still a donation each time they raise their paddle or bidder number).

If the prize is attractive enough, it will entice people to donate multiple times, with hope they're the last one with their paddle in the air. This is what makes this game so fun and unique. 

We have seen this tactic in action and it generated 42 - $100 donations at a recent event.  The organization was thrilled as it pushed its overall appeal goal over by $10,000. 

If you have any questions about how this works, please reach out to us and we can explain further!