Assigning Item Codes

The purpose of Item Codes in Handbid is to allow you, the Auction Manager, a way to organize your physical items for checkout.  Item Codes can be any combination of letters and numbers and there are a variety of ways to assign codes - how you assign them is based on what makes the most sense to your checkout team. 

If you already have a method that works for you, great, just enter your existing item code into the Handbid system. Please note, if you are using the Item Upload Template to load your items, you MUST have item codes preassigned and they must be UNIQUE. 

If you don't already have an item code naming convention, here are a few different methods for consideration:

  1. Any item which ONLY includes a certificate starts with 100. Baskets start with 200. Items which include a certificate AND a basket start 300. Large or oversized items start with 400.
  2. Make each category start with a different 3 digit number.  For example, Dining starts with 100, Entertainment starts with 200, Home starts with 300, etc.
  3. You can number your items anyway you wish, but add a "c" the end if the item is a certificate.  This can help your staff at checkout know where to find the item.  For example, if the item is a gift certificate to a restaurant and your restaurant category is the 200s.  Number this item 201c.

NOTE:  It is important that your auction volunteers (especially checkout runners) are familiar with your naming convention so they can easily find the items they are looking for during checkout. This is the PRIMARY reason for coding your items.