How to Purchase Tickets

This article provides steps for how to purchase a ticket as well as instructions to share with your guests on how to purchase tickets though your Handbid Event Site.

Below are instructions you can use to help your bidders purchase tickets on the Handbid website.

  1. Make sure your tickets are available! Confirm this by going to your Events website, clicking on BUY TICKETS, and ensure the appropriate tickets are available.  If you feel that a ticket should be appearing but is not, view this post for ideas on why your tickets may not be appearing.
  2. Send bidders a link to your tickets page on the Handbid Events Website. You can find this URL by going to your events homepage, clicking on BUY TICKETS, and then copying that URL. 

When guests click on your BUY TICKETS link, they will be taken directly to this page where they can view the tickets available for purchase. Feel free to CUT and paste the following instructions to send to guests to help them complete their ticket purchase.  


Steps to Send Guests to Purchase Tickets:

  1. By clicking the link, you will be brought to the BUY TICKETS page on our event website!
  2. Select the ticket you wish to purchase and click the "+" button to set the quantity desired.
  3. Click NEXT when you are ready to move to the next screen where you will be asked to REGISTER or SIGN IN


  4. If you have used Handbid before and know your passphrase, feel free to sign in.  Otherwise, you can register here.  Handbid will ask for your Name, E-mail, Phone, and to create a passphrase (unique sentence, not just a single word).  The passphrase is similar to a password but should be easier to remember. You won't need any special characters, just come up with a phrase such as "I luv rock and roll" and you will be all set!  

  5. Agree to terms and then click CONTINUE to move on.  You will be asked to CONFIRM your registration, so click CONTINUE again.

  6. Select the pink ADD NEW CARD button and enter credit card information.  If you already have a card on file it will be displayed in the dropdown next to the PAY NOW button.  Once a card is on file, select PAY NOW to process the payment. 

  7. From the confirmation window, users can select TEXT ME A LINK if they want to get Handbid set up on their phone or START BIDDING to browse the auction online.