Bidder Payment Instructions

This article will provide steps for bidder's on how to pay their invoice.

Congrats! You received an email telling you that you have won some items, but you are unsure how to pay. Here are a variety of ways you can pay your invoice:



If you bid on the mobile app, you should be prompted when you re-enter the app that you have an unpaid invoice that you need to view and pay.  



If you do not see this message, you can still check your invoices.  Select the auction from the Auction List (you can hit BROWSE if it asks you).  Once you are in the auction, tap the Menu at the top left (3 horizontal lines). This will reveal a menu on the left where you can select "invoices."



From here, you can select your invoice from the UNPAID list and then pay your invoice by either using a card you have on file or adding a card from the invoice screen.



You can also visit to pay your invoice.   Once you get to, make sure you are logged in to your account. If you see the "LOGIN" option at the top, then you are not logged in.



Once you are logged in, you should receive a prompt indicating that you have an UNPAID invoice.  There is an option there to view and pay your invoice (this is the fastest way to find it and pay it).



If you don't see this message, you can still check for unpaid invoices by looking in your profile menu.  Your Profile menu will display when you select your name highlighted in blue on the upper left-hand side. 



If you have any questions or you do not wish to pay your invoice online, you will need to contact your auction manager to arrange payment.