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Bidders Reports: Messages

You can find this report by selecting Reporting / Bidders/ Messages from the left menu in your event manager. 

This report will show the messages sent during the event.  You can select to filter these by Type or Bidder.   

Filter Messages "By Type"

The default for this report is to show messages by Type, Broadcast.  In this format, you will see all of the broadcast messages sent to your bidders during the auction. 

The following message formats are available to view by Type:

  • Broadcast - show all broadcast messages sent
  • OutBid - show all outbid messages sent to bidders when they were outbid
  • Was Winning - show all "You are already winning" messages to bidders who try to outbid themselves. 
  • Winning - show all "You are winning" this item messages sent to bidders
  • Purchase - this will show all messages related to  "purchases" and "donations" 
  • Receipt - this will show the "you have an invoice" messages sent to bidders



Filter Messages "By Bidder"

If you want to see messages sent to a specific bidder, you can change "By Type" in the filter above the report to "By Bidder".  Then you can select your bidder and view all messages sent to that bidder during the auction.