Capturing Credit Card when Registering a Bidder

This article provides information for how to handle collecting credit card information at your event. Including FAQ's and Advantages and Incentives for your bidders.

One thing you will want to consider is if you intend to capture a credit card when registering a bidder at checkin.  We strongly recommend it, especially if you plan to do a paddle raise (appeal) at the event where you ask for donations.  

Advantages to Adding a Card at the Door

The biggest one is that it will significantly reduce the time it will take your team to collect after the event ends.  With a card on file, you can simply charge guests for their donations or charge them and ship out items to auction winners. 

Without a card, your will need to reach the bidder and ask for payment information before you can process their donation or payment.  All of this takes a lot of time.  You can avoid that by simply asking guests to put a card on file when they arrive. 

Incentives for the Bidder to Add a Credit Card

The biggest incentive to the bidder is the avoidance of lines at checkout.  With a card on file, your bidders can either walk out the door (if they only donated and have no items to pick up) or they can pay directly from their phone and simply show up at an item "pickup" location.

Best Practices for How to Ask for a Card

Instead of asking "IF" they want to put a card on file, try this instead: "Sir, will it be Visa, MasterCard or American Express tonight?".  Sure it sounds presumptuous, but most guests will follow the prompt and hand you a card. 

What if the Bidder Doesn't Want to Add a Card?

Sure, some of them won't want to add a card, largely because they don't expect to spend any money (and not because they don't trust you).  If they give push back, offer up these points to them:

  • Add a credit card is secure and the CC information is not stored (or accessible) by the organization or Handbid.  It is stored directly with the payment processor.

  • Require that a bidder have a card on file to bid (this is an auction setting).  Noting that the bidder will have to have a card on file in order to bid may prompt them to add it now.  

  • Offer to let the bidder add the card themselves on their phone if they decide later to bid on something.  (Use this as a last resort).

Do I have to Type in Card Credit Numbers?

No! You can use USB card swipers with our web-based auction managers or integrated card swipers with our iPad app (the iPad app swipers require you rent them from us - because they are securely tied to our account).  

For more information on USB Card swipers, you can read this article