Check-in Guests and Register Bidders at Check-in

This article will provide informational steps and video on how to check-in guests and register bidders.

Article Index:

  1. Getting Setup
  2. Video: Overview of Guest Check-in
  3. Check-in Using an iPad
  4. Registering a Party from the Guest List (multiple guests)

  5. Registering an Individual Guest from the Guest List

  6. FAQ

Getting Setup

The guest list is a powerful tool that will not only allow you to register guests, it will also track who is in attendance and who is not.  Before we get started, there are a few principles related to the guest list that we want to make sure are clear:

1.    Load every possible guest into the list.

The guest list is meant to be a comprehensive list of who is coming to your event.  What that means is that every possible seat at a table should be listed in your guest list.  If you have a sponsor who purchased a table of 8 and only gave you 6 names, you would still want to add in 2 additional slots for them in the guest list.  So that list may look like this when you create it:

                     Screenshot 2020-01-22 14.57.47

What we see below is that we have fully accounted for every seat at the table. We don't know who is planning to sit in the 7th and 8th seats at the table, but they are bound to show up and we want to make sure we have a spot for them!

2. Not everyone is going to bid!  

Most couples would prefer to bid together, so unless you are dead set on pre-assigning paddle numbers, let Handbid do that as bidders register.   So when you checkin a couple, ask which one of them will be the bidder of the group and register that one person (and not all of them). 


Video: Overview of a Guest Check-in

Watch this short video on how to conduct a checkin using the web-based guest checkin system on the Handbid auction manager.


Check-in Using an iPad

This article covers how to do a checkin from the auction manager interface on a ChromeBook, Laptop (or Surface Tablet).  If you prefer to use the Handbid App for iPad to checkin your guests, that is an option!  

This can be done in conjunction with checkin using laptops or instead of laptops.  The determining factor will be the access to iPads and card swipers as well as the quality of your guest list data.  It is usually much easier to type on a laptop than an iPad (although your teenagers may disagree).  So if your data is sparse, you may want to stick with the laptop checkin. 

Otherwise, you can visit this article here to learn how to do an effective iPad checkin.


Registering a Party from the Guest List (multiple guests)

The most common way to use the guest list for checkin is to checkin a party that arrives.  To do this, you would follow these steps:

  1. Ask the group if they are all arriving together as a party.  For couples, this may be more obvious; but, for larger groups, you may have to qualify your question a bit.  Questions like "are you all at the same table or with the same group" are ways to identify a group that may want to register together.  You certainly don't have to check in large parties and some may prefer to split up to other checkin lines.  Either way is fine!
  2. If you are checking in a big party (more than a couple) you may want to look them up by their sponsor (assuming they are coming together). Then you can select them all in the list and start the checkin process. 

  3. Once you have your list, you can select their names and start the checkin process. 

  4. After you have selected the guests, click the blue CHECK IN button to begin the check-in process.

  5. As you go through the list, you will have the option to "Register" them as a bidder or just check them in.  To register them as a bidder, you simple click on the "Register as bidder" option (see next screenshot below). 
  6. When you register as a bidder, you will need to capture the user's email address and phone number.  If they prefer NOT to bid from their phone, no problem, you can select
    "No Cell Phone" instead and Handbid will not require one.  The bidder would then need to bid from iPads at the event.

    Once you have registered the bidder, the next screen will display the Bidder's Paddle Number.  You will need to tell the bidder this number if they are bidding from iPads; and/or you will need to hand the bidder a card with this number on it if you intend to do a paddle raise appeal.

    On this same screen, you can capture a credit card from the bidder to put on their account. Once you are done with each guest, the system will close out and you can check in the next party. To learn how to capture a card, you can read this article: Capturing a Card when Registering a Bidder. 



Registering an Individual Guest from the Guest List

If you just need to quickly register a bidder (perhaps even one that has already checked in) and you don't want to go through the checkin process again, you can register them from the guest list manager.

From the guest list find the person you wish to register.You can filter the guest by the sponsor or the table. You can also search for them by name by typing into the search box at the top.  Once you find the guest, click on their name. 

The screenshot below, the list has been filtered by the sponsor.  From this list, you can see all guests registered under that sponsor.  There is one that has been loaded as a generic "guest" for this sponsor. This is the one we will edit.



Next, click on the guest's name to pull up their information.  To make sure you have accurate guest information, enter in the user's email address and phone number (which you will need to complete their registration).  Once those are entered, click on the "Register as Bidder" button just below the sponsor name.



On the next screen, you can confirm their information, make sure the "Country Code" is right for their cell phone, and then hit the "Register" button to assign a Paddle ID to the guest and add them to the auction.



FAQ: What if my guest does not have a cell phone?

If the guest does not have a cell phone or prefers to use the iPads and NOT provide you one, that is ok!  Simply check "No Cell Phone" here and the system will register the bidder without one.  The user will still get a paddle number and can still bid from the iPads. 

Once Registered, the checkin agent can note the Paddle Number for the guest (and get them the appropriate Paddle Card if those are being handed out).  

This is also the place to capture a credit card to secure bids.  This can be done by clicking on the "Add Card" icon next to credit card and either swiping in the card or typing it in and hitting "Add Card" to add it.

When everything is done, the agent can click "Check-in" to check in the guest and send them a login link that can help them get setup on their phone.