Checking in Guests and Registering Bidders from the iPad App

The Handbid App for iPad can allow you to run a checkin off of your guest list.  This approach offers a number of advantages over using laptops at your event.  These are:

  • The iPad App downloads the guest list to the device, making the lookup of information and the overall process much snappier than the web-connection the Auction Manager uses.

  • iPads are portable and your staff can walk around with them. This may not work for your event, but in some cases this is preferable.

  • iPads can be married with a secure credit card reader that is simple to use to add cards to a bidder's account.

With those advantages, it is important to note one thing that may be a disadvantage for some:

  • Perhaps your teenagers would disagree since many of them never learned how to type fast on a QWERTY keyboard, but most find iPads tend to be harder to type on.  So if your guest list is sparse (e.g missing a lot of data), you may find your checkin to be a bit slower as your staff struggles to type in data on iPads (vs. laptops).   

If none of those things concern you, well then watch this video for an overview of the guest list checkin process on iPads!



Access the Manager Section of the iPad App

The first thing you will want to do is to generate a pin to access the manager side of the iPad app. From the manager section of the iPad app you can view auction statistics and manage the guest list.

To access this, you will need to setup an iPad Manager PIN.  You can assign a pin in the info tab of the auction settings gear wheel.


After selecting the setting gear. Go to the info tab and enter a five digit pin code that will be used to access the manager side of the iPad app. 

Click update to save the PIN and you are ready to access the manager side of the iPad app.

Select the manager icon on the Handbid iPad app.

Then enter the pin to access the manager side of the iPad app.

Once you have entered the pin you will be greeted with the auction manager dashboard.

Select "Guest List" from the menu on the left side of the screen to view the guest list on the iPad.

From here you can either search for guest by name or sponsor.  Also if the guest has a bar coded ticket in their possession, you can scan that ticket to find their information in the guest list.

1. Once your search is complete, select the check box next to the guests that you want to check-in.  You can select more than one! 

2. Then select the green "Guest Check-In" box in the lower right corner. This box will highlight green when you have selected a guest from the guest list.


After selecting a Guest and the "Guest Check-In" button you the guest check-in and registration dialogue will display.


1. Update the guest information.  The "Grey Edit button" on the screenshot is where you can edit the guest's information if you needed to correct a name, table, sponsor, etc.  You can simply edit the guest's information. (e.g. You change the name from Guest Flintstone to Wilma Flintstone)

You can the check in the guest with the correct information reflecting on your guest list. Select the save button when you are done updating the guest's information.


2. Register the guest as a bidder.  If the guest wants to register as a bidder, tap the Register button. This will pull up a form where you can update the bidder information and register them.

Name and email are required fields so make sure those are accurate. Phone, believe it or not, is not required (only if the bidder wants to bid from their phone).  For those that prefer to bid from iPads at the event and not provide a cell phone, just disable the "Bid from Cell Phone" checkbox and Handbid will let you register the bidder without a phone. 

Have a couple that wants to bid separately but on the same account? Simply add a second number on this form and both will receive a login link invitation from Handbid to get setup on their respective phones.

Select the "Next" button when you have enter the bidders information.

3. Always recommended, you have the option to add a credit card for the bidder. If you have rented iPad swipers from Handbid, you will see a phrase just below the form that says "Card Reader Detected".  If you don't see that, then disconnect the reader and connect it back and it should reset itself. 

If you don't have a card swiper, you can manually enter the card.

4. If you have marked for sale or appeal items available at check-in you can add those items to the bidders invoice at check-in good examples of this would be a mulligan for golf tournaments or some trinket (e.g. beads?) for a Heads or Tails game. Select the quantity of the item and then select the green "Add to Invoice" button.

5. Check the "Send Login Link" box if you have registered the guest as a bidder and they are using their mobile device. This will send them a link to help them get setup on Handbid on their device. 

6. Select the green "Complete Check-In" to finish checking in or registering your guest.  Once complete with all guests, Handbid will return you to the guest list to check in the next party.