Checking in Guests from iPhones

Managers can now checkin guests from iPhones (and/or enable others in their auction to do the same).  This will allow you to expand your checkin crew for your event without the need to have them login to the auction manager.

Checkin staff can view the guest list, look up guests by name, sponsor, table, email, and check them in or register them to bid.  Checkin agents can also add credit cards and send login links to bidders.

Equipped with a lightning secure card reader, checkin staff can also swipe credit cards for guests checking in.

Here are the steps to enable guest checkin on iPhones:

  1. Add all checkin agents for your auction as bidders so that they are in the bidder list.

    If you are not familiar with how to add a bidder, you can read how to do that in this article: Create or Add a Bidder
  2. Find the bidder you want to enable in the bidder list and enable their permissions.

    Click on their name to bring up the bidder edit modal and click the check box on the first tab called:  "Can checkin guests"

  3. Have your bidder now login to your auction on their phone.  At the bottom of the auction dashboard for your auction should be a link that says "Check in Guests"

    If that link is not there, first have the bidder refresh their app (pull down on the screen).  If that still does not work, confirm they have logged into their app with the same bidder account that you enabled (have them go to their profile in the app and confirm the email addresses match!)

  4. When the phone user taps on Check in Guests, the auction guest list should appear.  From here the user can search for guests, edit guests, checkin guests or register them as bidders. 

    To disable a bidder from checking in guests, simply return to the manager and disable that ability on the bidder record (reverse what you did in Step 2)