Close the Event

How to Close an Auction, an Item or a Category

This article will explain how to close your auction by a timer, entirely or, close an item early or close a specific category.

There are a few strategies organizations use to begin closing the auction. You can close by category, on a timer, all at once, or even by individual item(s). This article will provide steps for performing each method.


Article Index:

  1. Overview
  2. Close Auction by Timer
    1. Cancel Timer
  3. Close Entire Auction Immediately
    1. Auction Close Process

    2. Ramifications of Closing Auction
  4. Close by Category

  5. Close Individual Item(s)


When you are ready to close your auction or to schedule it to close, you can do so through the shortcut menu. 

  • Schedule the auction to close when you open the auction. When you open the auction a pop up will appear that will provide the option to set a timer now or set a timer later.
  • Close auction by Timer (schedule it to close in the future)
  • Close Auction NOW (this will close it immediately)
  • Close Category (close a specific category) 


Change Auction Status


Your auction will not simply close at the time and date you specify in your event settings. You will need to schedule a timer in order for it to close automatically at a specific time. This can be done when you open the auction or later.

Close Auction By Timer


When you opt to close the auction by timer, this will give your bidders some notice that the event is closing.   As soon as the timer is set,  Handbid will pop up an alert to your guests that the auction is set to close and display a countdown timer on their App or Web page.




You can choose to set the close of your auction based on the event end time when you open the auction or to set a close time for your auction later. After you select to open your auction, a pop up will appear with the two options. 

automatically close auction

If you select to close your auction automatically at this time, a timer will appear counting down the end of your auction from the time you select to open it. 

To close your auction in the future, select "No, I will set a close time on my auction later". 


Once you are ready to close your auction, go to the shortcut menu and select to close auction. Change Auction Status

close auction in minhour
close auction at datetime


You can either set a timer to close in a specified number of hours or minutes (on the left side) or at a specific time and date (on the right side).  If you just want your auction to close in 15 minutes, then put 15 in the minutes box on the left and click the "SET TIMER" button on the left side.

If you would prefer for your auction to close later in the week, perhaps on Friday night at 9 PM. Then click on the calendar icon on the right-hand side and select a specific time and date.

Note: the date and time you select will be based on your auction's timezone. If you are not sure what that is, refer to the blue text below the date input. 

When you have the time and date set, then click SET TIMER on the right-hand side. Handbid will ask you to confirm your setting and then set your timer.  If it is set, you will see a timer indicator in the top right of the manager:

                                     Manager timer

Canceling a Timer

We do not recommend canceling a timer as a general practice (it annoys your bidders); but, if you must, you can. Simply click the "cancel" link next to the Timer indicator in the toolbar (just below where it says "Auction scheduled to close"...

Handbid will not notify your bidders that the timer has been canceled.  We recommend that you do that and explain why if appropriate. 


Close Entire Auction Immediately

It is generally not the best approach (as no bidders are warned), but you can close your auction immediately by clicking "Close Entire Auction Now".  Handbid will pop up a confirmation box and ask you to type the word CLOSE in there to close it.  close auction now lightbox


The Auction Close Process

When you close it immediately or by a timer, Handbid CLOSES the auction and then starts a close process that goes through each category looking for any OPEN items with bids.  Those items are then placed on the winner's invoice and marked as SOLD.  

You will see the notifications tab update as the items are processed.  

Once the auction close process has been completed, Handbid does a quick AUDIT to make sure things are accurate and all invoices are correct.  Once this audit is done, the auction will alert you (if you are in the manager) that the results are complete. 


Once you see the AUDIT complete message, you can start processing invoices and/or running a checkout.

                 auction close notification

Ramifications of Closing your Auction

Once your auction is closed, ANY items that were open with bids on them will be marked SOLD to the winning bidder and placed on that bidder's invoice.  This can NOT be undone without a lot of work on your end (it is a manual process) and A LOT of frustration from your bidders (who will be either confused, upset, or both)


Close by a Category

To close a category, select "Close Auction" in the shortcut menu and chose  "close auction by a category".The Close Auction by Category modal will appear where you can select a category and then type CLOSE in the box below to close it.

                          close auction by category

Close Category by timer

The category manager has options to set a timer to close each category.  Category timers can be set provided there are no items within that category with a timer already set.

category manager

Close Individual Item(s)

TO close a single item, you need to click on the item in the auction manager to bring up the edit window. From there, you can change its status to SOLD.  When you do this, the item will be marked as sold and it will be put on the winning bidder's invoice. 

NOTE: There will be no warning to bidders that the item is closing - you should do that through a broadcast message, giving them ample notice to get their bids in. 

                                 Info Tab (Auction, P2P, Campaign)

NOTE: Once an item is marked as sold, a purchase will be generated and it will be put on the winner's invoice.  This can be undone if you want to open up the item again. You will need to delete the winning bid on that item and the item will re-open with the previous bidder now the winner.

Close item(s) by timer

 Auction Managers can set a timer on an individual item by clicking on the clock icon in the item toolbar.  Item timers can not be set to close after a category (if the item is in a category already closing). You can choose to set the specific date, and time an item will close or how many hours and minutes the item will close. 

Item info tab show value

item timer