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Creating Display Sheets / Display Cards / Display Table Cards

Why use display sheets? 

Display sheets are used to print a physical page to display a description of your items, details, or other info where users don't have to be on the app or website to see. These are often used at in-person events directly near the items they are generated for.  

Creating Display Sheets For Your Auction

If you have symbols in your display sheet they may not generate correctly. Symbols would include @ # $ % & * or bullet points for example. If your display sheets aren't generating, make sure there are no symbols in the display sheet description.

When you enter items into your Handbid auction, you have the ability to generate display sheets for your items.  There are various reasons you may want to create display sheets:

  1. Create them for all of your items or only for specific items or categories.
  2. For a category that does not have tangible items (i.e. certificates).
  3. A very expensive item that you don't want to place on your auction table.

In any case, this will help to display your silent auction. If you would like extra information on creating effective silent auction display areas click here.

NOTE: Your display sheets will be generated as a PDF and can be printed in three sizes 8x10, 5x7, and 1/2 page.

Steps to Create Display Sheets:

  1. In the Auction Dashboard, in the left-hand menu select ITEMS.
  2. In the top right corner of your toolbar, select the display sheet icon  . 
    bulk generate display sheets

  3. Once you click on the display sheet icon, it will display the options for your display sheets.

    • Display Sheet Template: You can choose from the 8x10 which is the full page display, the 5x7 which will generate two display sheets per page or the 1/2 page display which will generate a half-page display on one page. You can then fold the half-page displays to prop them up instead of putting them in frames or acrylic stands.
    • What do you want to show for images: you can choose between the auction logo or the item image for your display sheets.
    • Which items do you want to generate: You can choose an individual category or all of the items when generating your display sheets.
                                                  Sizing and item selection display sheets

  4. After you have selected your customizations, you can then select the green GENERATE button which will generate your display sheets.

Generating a display sheet for a single item

You can generate individual display sheets for a single item or a select quantity of display sheets using the picture icon within the item. Simply click on the 3 dots next to "Place Bid" and select Generate display sheet.

Info Tab (Auction, P2P, Campaign)

Editing the display sheet description

In your item settings in the description tab, there is a separate description box named “Display Sheet Description”. This description is used exclusively for your display sheets and is limited to 400 characters to fit properly on a display sheet. You will need to make sure each item that you will be generating a display sheet for has a populated Display Sheet Description box.

Tip: This description will only generate on the 8x10 display sheet.

item description tab                             

Your display sheets will look like this:

8x10 Sheet

Below is the large display sheet(8x10). Once you have caught your bidder's eye, they can reference the item code to place a bid. Above the item code, you see TRAVEL & EXPERIENCES this represents the category. The large display sheets will only display 424 characters of your description.

                                                 8x10 display sheet

5x7 Sheet:

This is the small display sheet (5x7). Both sizes are very similar to each other. The smaller lacks a description which may be beneficial for items that may not be as intricate.

                                              5x7 display sheet


1/2 Page Sheet:

The half-page displays do not show the QR code. It will display 404 characters from the description and item code. In the example above I used the auction logo instead of the item image.

                                               half page display sheet