Manage Items

Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to each Item and can be used to define attributes specific to that item. Such as shipping weight, dimensions, pick up location etc...

To enable Custom Fields, go to your Organization Dashboard - Left Side Menu - Custom Fields. 

Left navigation - main

You can Create a Custom Field and View a List of Custom Fields that were previously created.

custom fields

To ADD A CUSTOM FIELD - click "Create Custom Field". A pop-up will appear. Enter the Field Name, Type (either Text, List or Number). Choose an image and set the status to Active or Inactive then click CREATE. 

Add new custom field

Custom Fields that are marked as ACTIVE will appear on Items at the Auction Level under the DESCRIPTION tab. 

item description tab

If selected for an Item, the Custom Fields will appear on the item page both on the desktop and on the app. In this example, Shipping Weight which has a value of 10 and it is shippable. 

custom fields on item