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Learning about Custom Questions

Where to add your Custom Question

How to create your Custom Question

How to view Custom Question answers on the Guest List

Custom questions allows you to ask up to 3 questions and attach them to a ticket. Each question can be answered in one of two ways: multiple choice or open-ended. Answers can be seen in the guest list view, filtered, and exported.  

Where to add your Custom Questions

To create and edit the custom questions, you must first create a ticket. Select the ticket your question(s) will be/are associated with and navigate to the "TICKET OPTIONS" tab. Click the "+" symbol under "Custom Questions (per guest)".

Keep in mind that these questions will only apply to the ticket you add them to. If you are using the same questions for each ticket created, you will need to repeat this process on each ticket.

PLEASE NOTE: In order for a custom question to be asked of each guest, the ticket must admit a number greater than 0. 

create new item ticket ticket options tab

How to create your Custom Questions

If you would like your question to have a dropdown with predefined answers, separate the answers with a semicolon (;). For example, if you want to give your guest two options for their drink, in the answer box you should write: Water;Sodapop

If you wish to have the user write in the answer, create an open-ended response by leaving the "Answer" box blank. 

custom questions

How to view Custom Question Answers

You will be able to see if these questions were answered on the Guest List overview page on the right side where it says Q1, Q2, and Q3.  To access the guest list, select People, Guests, Guest List from the menu on the left in the Auction Dashboard.

guest list