Manage Items

Edit, Duplicate or Delete an Item

Learn how to edit, duplicate or delete an item from your item catalog.

Editing an Item

1. Find the item you want to edit in the listing of auction items. 

2. Click on the item name link

3. An item details window will appear From here you can edit your Item Info, Description, Photos, and Donor Info.  

Remember to hit the UPDATE button at the bottom of the details window.


Duplicating an Item

1.  Select the item you want to duplicate from the list of items in the auction manager. Wait for the item edit window to appear.

2.  Select the "Duplicate Item" button from the top right side of your screen.


3.  A new item will be created with (copy) in the name and you will be returned to the list of items in the auction.  

4.  Select the new item to open the edit window and update the information.  Note that if you duplicated this item in an open auction, the status will be set to "pending". You must manually change the item status to "open" to allow people to bid on it.

5.  Save when you have completed editing the item


Deleting an Item

1.  Select the item you want to delete from the list in the auction manager and allow the item edit window to open.

2.  Select the delete button from the top right side of the item edit window.


3.  You will be prompted to confirm the removal by selecting "Remove Item".  Once you select "Remove item", the item will be removed from the auction.



Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What if the item has bids or purchases on it?
    If the item has bids, you will not be able to remove it.  In order to remove it, you will need to first delete all of the bids on the item.


  2. What if I want to find a specific item quickly?
    If you want to filter the list of items in the auction manager, you can simply use the filters at the top of the item list.  There are filters for: Hidden, No Bids, Live, Silent, For Sale, and Tickets.  Clicking on any of these boxes will filter the list to just show items of that type.