Edit your Organizational Settings

Once your account is created, or anytime your organization's info has changed, you can edit those settings from your Manager Dashboard. To do so, simply click on the "Edit" icon next to your organization's name:

Once you click on this, a popup box will appear with tabs in it. Each tab has different settings for your Org. When you are done editing all tabs, you can click "Update" in the bottom left to update all settings.

The tabs are:

Organizational Info

This tab has your organization's name, Tax-ID (which should be filled out all ready for you - but please verify its accuracy!), and your organization's description.  This description appears on your Organization's home page on events.handbid.com.  

Contact Info

The next tab covers your organization's contact information including your address, website, phone, and timezone.  This information is shown on all receipts/invoices as well as on your organizational home page on events.handbid.com


Social Links

The social links page has links to each of your social media accounts. When you put that information in here, Handbid will show those links on your organizational home page on events.handbid.com



Similar to your auction logo and banner, your organization can have its own logo and banner.  You will put those here on this tab. When you do that, they will populate your organizational home page on events.handbid.com.



The financial tab is where you will connect your credit card processor to Handbid.  By default, Handbid processes funds on your behalf, but you can connect your own Stripe account directly to your Handbid account so that funds flow directly to you (highly recommended).  

Please visit this article to learn how to connect your own Stripe account.

Here on the financial tab, you can also set your default currency.  Handbid normally sets this for you, but if all of your auctions will be done in a different currency, you can set that default here.  

The default does not force you to use this currency in all auctions. You can change any particular auction to a different currency when you set it up.



The next tab shows your contract history and current contract. If you see nothing here, it's probably a good idea to contact us :-)



The staff tab lets you manage the managers that can access your organizational account.  Here you can add additional staff members.  Details on how to do this are detailed here in this help article.


Here you can connect different apps to your Handbid account. For now, the only app that you can sync up is Kindful. Kindful is a CRM, connecting your Kindful account will automatically import auction data to your Kindful account. Be on the lookout for more CRM integrations.

Once you are done, you can click "update" to save your settings.  Any changes you have made may also immediately appear on your organizational page.  To find that page, go to https://events.handbid.com go to the bottom of the main page and click on "Organizations".  There you can search for your org name and view the changes.