Handbid Accessibility Statement

Handbid understands the importance of providing products and services that are without barriers to access for persons who wish to use them and is committed to ensuring that we provide for such access. Handbid works with many charitable groups that fundraise to support those with disabilities and we strive to provide equal digital access and usability so that no individuals with disabilities are excluded, denied services, segregated, or otherwise treated differently because of their disability. A major component of this effort is creating accessibility for users that removes barriers for persons with disabilities—both hidden and visible, so they can succeed in their fundraising, bidding, or other Handbid experiences. Providing increased access to technologies that meet the needs of persons with disabilities lays the foundation for the inclusion of all persons utilizing the Handbid software. Some ways Handbid is committed to making our platform as accessible as possible include: 
  • Screenreaders 
  • Functionality to remove images or mute sounds
  • Contrast and color saturation functionality 
  • Customizable letter spacing, sizing, and more readable font 
  • Seizure safe, vision impaired, and other pre-set profiles are available to select
For the best experience, Handbid recommends that you help by keeping your technology up to date with the latest version of your web browser, the latest version of your assistive technology software/hardware, and smartphone applications that utilize built-in accessibility features on Android and iOS. If you find an accessibility bug or have trouble using Handbid's app or website with assistive technology, contact us and we will be happy to assist. Whatever your goals, ideas, and abilities are, we’re here to help you succeed. The best way to reach us is by emailing service@handbid.com for accessibility questions. In order to provide transparency into the state of accessibility in Handbid, we publish Voluntary Product Accessibility Template Reports (VPAT’s) for our products that can be accessed. These are available upon request. To request our VPAT's please email us at service@handbid.com.