Handbid how-to Video Tutorials

These are short video tutorials to help show some common processes.

How to Create a ticket (video)


How to set an inventory on an item (video)


How to send a broadcast message (video)

How to Remove a purchase from a for sale item (video)


How to record a paddle raise (video)


How to open your auction (video)


How to close your auction by timer (video)


How to remove a bid

How to create an appeal item

How to duplicate a live auction item


How to create a for sale item

How to create an event only item

How to sell a live auction item

How to pay an invoice

How to give permission to check in through iPhone

How to add a credit card to a bidder profile

How to check in and edit information using the iPad app (video)

How to create an auction item 


How to Transfer a ticket


How to swap a paddle number 


How to Send a login link