Handbid How-To Videos (a quick guide)
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Handbid How-To Videos

This article serves as a comprehensive guide to all the Handbid How-To Videos, providing quick access to tutorials on performing the most common tasks in Handbid.

Check In

Enable iPhone Check-In

Check-in on the iPhone

iPad Check In

Desktop Check In

How to Transfer a Ticket


Bidder Management

Resend Login Link to a Bidder

How Manually Assign or Swap a Paddle Number

Add a Credit Card to a Bidder Profile


Run the Event

Open the Auction or Change the Auction Status

Remove a Purchase

Remove a Bid From and Item

Create a For Sale Item

Create a For Sale Item - Event Only

Create an Appeal Item

Create a Ticket

Create an Auction Item

Duplicate an Item

Enter a Live Auction Winner

Record a Paddle Raise Using the Mass Appeal Tool

Send Broadcast Message

Sell a For Sale Item with an iPad


Close the Auction

Close the Auction by Timer


Check Out

How to Pay an Invoice