Auction Images in Handbid

In the Auction setting you have the ability to upload 3 different auction images.  These images include: Auction Logo, Auction Banner, Handbid TV Auction Logo, and Mobile Splash Images.  From you auction settings, select the Images tab to upload your images. 





Auction Logo

Your auction logo needs to be a square image 600x600 (600px wide by 600px high) and will display on the website under your auction banner and in the Handbid app next to your Auction Name in the list of auctions.  If you upload a horizontal image for your auction logo  Handbid will zoom out in order to get the width to fit and your logo will not look good.  Learn more on How to make your auction images look good!

Banner Image

Your banner image will be displayed on the website at the top of your auction page. Use your banner to promote your organization, your auction, or your sponsors.  This image should be 1140 X 280 (1140px wide by 280px high).  If you upload an image that is smaller than this, Handbid will zoom in to make your image fit and your image will be blurry.  Learn more on How to make your auction images look good!


Mobile Splash

Your mobile splash image should be 800x600 (800px wide by 600px high) and will be displayed ONLY in the mobile apps when you first enter your auction.   The default text the will be displayed above the images is "Proudly sponsored by".  If you would like to change this text you can enter alternative text in the "Sponsor Name" textbox above your mobile image splash image.  Learn more on the Mobile App Sponsor Page & Adding Sponsor Image. 





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