Connect Your Handbid Account to Stripe

The integrated payment process with Handbid is Stripe.  By default all transactions will be processed using Handbid's Stripe account and a check or ACH payment will be sent to you once your auction is complete and you have finished collecting all of your funds.  Learn more on the Handbid Payment System and Receiving Funds. 

If you would rather have the transaction be transferred directly to you when they are charged, you can setup your own Stripe account and connect your Stripe account to your organization in Handbid.  Setting up your own Stripe account is free and the transaction fee is 3.5% per transaction.  

NOTE:  IF you refund a credit card transaction through StripeConnect your 3.5% application fee WILL NOT be refunded.  Fees will not be refunded because STRIPE still incurs costs from various payment partners when a charge is refunded!


How to Connect Your Handbid Account to Stripe:

From your Handbid Dashboard select the Edit Organization Icon next to your organization name. 


Select the Payment Tab and select the Connect with Stripe button


This will redirect you to the Stripe Login page.  Here you can login to your existing Stripe account or select the Sign Up link to create a new account



Once you have logged in or signed up for a stripe account you will be directed back to Handbid and you will now see your Stripe account information on the payment tab for your organization. 



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