Credit Card Readers

Credit Card Readers will be used through Handbid during the check-in and check-out processes. This will allow you to make payment processing seamless.

Dashboard_-_Seth_Davison_Demo___Handbid_Inc_.png  Select this icon to add a credit card.

When you select to add a credit card the curser will be CVC box from here you can just swipe the card and it will populate the credit card area with all the information except the CVC it is very important that you enter the CVC which is the three numbers on the back of a Visa or Mastercard and four digits on the front of an AMEX card.

Having the credit cards set up at the check-in will make your check-out more efficient.

Card readers can be purchased on your behalf for current and future auctions. To purchase card readers Click Here for an Amazon link to help you in your search.

We have found these card readers to be cost-efficient and very quick for check-in and check-out. (note: swipe the magnet stripe away from the green light.)


Through Handbid your bidders have the ability to add or update credit card options through the app. Regardless if your are requiring a credit card to bid or not. You may find it beneficial to have your bidders credit card ready. 

To learn more about processing at check-in, check-out, or the pros and cons of requiring a credit card here are some links to give you more information.


Enabling Credit Card Processing Through Handbid

Adding a Credit Card to Bidder Account

Processing Payments

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