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Creating Display Sheets For Your Auction

When you create and item through Handbid or import your items via spreadsheets a display sheet is automatically generated. Your display sheet will be uploaded as a pdf by category. This will be very helpful if you want to have display sheets for a category that does not have tangible items or maybe a very expensive item that you don't want to place on your auction tables. Display sheets come in two sizes 8x10 which is our large display, or 5x7 which is our small display.

Now there are various reasons you may want display sheets for all of your items or just select items. This will help your silent auction display. If you would like extra information on creating effective silent auction display areas click here.

Once you are in your auction you will need to go under the DASHBOARD and select ITEMS.

You cannot pull up a display sheet from the ALL ITEMS tab. 

You must select a category and from there you can generate a large(8x10) or small(5x7) display sheet.

You can see the icons in the small box on the far right. If you select small or large it will pull up display sheets for all three images below. You can do individual items by searching in the larger red box. If I want one item in electronics on a display sheet I would simply type 400 in the search box. Then the iPad mini would appear in the pdf alone.


Your display sheets will look like this.


This is the large display sheet(8x10). The red boxes show the item code. Once you caught your bidders eye they can reference the item code to place a bid. Above the item code you see GETAWAYS this represents the category. The large display sheets will only display 424 characters of your description.


This is the small display sheet(5x7). Both sizes are very similar to each other. The smaller lacks a description which may be beneficial for items that may not be as intricate.



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