Updated Auction Manager Features (9/5/2017)

The following new features were added to the Auction Manager on 9/5/2017

1.  Auction Contact Required:

When you create a new auction or update an existing auction, you are required to add a contact person for that auction.  The contact person must be in your Organization Contact List.  


The Contact must exists in the Contract List or you can create a new contact here. 



2.  Request Auction Short Code / Auction URL

In the auction settings on the INFO tab you can now  easily get your auction URL and request a short code for your auction. 

Your auction URL cannot be changed, but you can select the copy button to copy the URL. 

If you want to create a short code enter your short code in the Auction Short URL box and select the REQUEST button.




If your short code is accepted you will be a successful message and you will be able to copy your short code. 




3.  Multiple Image in Handbid App

You have always been allowed to add multiple images to an item in Handbid, but in the past only the Primary image was displayed in the Handbid Apps.  You could only view the multiple images on the website.  Now you can view all of the images for an item in the App.  

From the item, click on the "image icon" and scroll through the images.  You can also zoom in on the images for a better view. 


IMG_1251.png    IMG_1252__1_.PNG    IMG_1253__1_.PNG

4.  QR Codes on Display Sheets

We have added a QR Reader into the Handbid Apps.  The display sheets will be printed with a QR Code on them.  In the App if you select the Search button there is an option to scan the QR Code.  Scanning the item will take you right to that item in the App.   Click here for more information on Generating Display Sheets. 


IMG_1254.png   IMG_1255.png


5.  Test Auction Say TEST in Auction List

If your auction is marked as a TEST auction it will show up at the bottom of the auction list and will have the work TEST next to the auction name.  



6.  Auction Manager can create a For Sale Item for $0. 

Users can buy this item for $0 and it will go on their invoice







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