Release Auction Manager (10/15/2017)

We have made some improvements to the Handbid Auction Manager we wanted to makes you aware of. 

Style Upgrades:

Throughout the Auction Manager we have changed the styling of the text boxes, check boxes, icons, fonts, etc. to provide a cleaner look.   We are working on upgrading all of the screen prints in the knowledge base, but if something does not look exactly the same yet don't worry the functionality is the same we just changed the look.

Auction Settings: CONTACTS

We have moved the CONTACTS tab first in the auction settings and have given you the ability to add a new contact from the CONTACTS tabs.  




We have changed the Event location to a Google Lookup address so you can easily search your event address and select it from the list. 

We added a editor for your item description so you can format your description better. 

We added an Auction Event Image that will be displayed below your auction description on the website.  

We added an Event Banner image and Event banner URI to the auction settings, but this is not used on the website yet.  Stay tuned because we will be adding this feature soon.....




Bidder Export

We have added some additional fields to the Bidder Detail export.  These include Sponsor, Placement, Party Size, and Notes. 

Provide Warning if Credit Card is Enabled and Pay using External Card

If your auction setting have the Handbid Credit Card enabled and you attempt to pay an invoice using an External card field you will get a warning making sure you want to proceed with a credit card payment outside the Handbid Credit card system. 


Bid Increment is a Required Field for Silent Auction Item





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