Handbid Release Notes (1/7/2018) Guest List & Ticketing

The following improvements were made to the Handbid system and released on Jan 7, 2018

New GuestList Manager

  • Import Guests from another system or spreadsheet
  • GuestList slots automatically generated by Handbid's ticketing system
  • Mass edit guests
  • Add multiple guests to your guest list based on past auction behavior
  • Ticket purchasers can manage their own GuestList on the App or Web
  • Ticket purchasers can share tickets with their guests via email or print them
  • View and manage guests based on sponsor, table, etc.

New Ticketing Features

  • Bidders can purchase tickets and apply any discount codes in the app
  • Purchasers can manage their own guest list in the App
  • Tickets automatically generate slots into the guest list for each ticket
  • iOS users can add their ticket to their Apple Wallet
  • App users can share their ticket with their guests
  • Auction managers can purchase tickets for users within the manager

Additional Upgrades / Bug Fixes

  • Bidding and purchase modals have been updated
  • Managers can opt to purchase tickets and run the transaction immediately or just add it to a user's invoice
  • Purchases export now includes ApplePay transactions
  • Bidders can now have 2 cell phone numbers (for couples that want to bid together)
  • Bidders can opt to have NO Cell Phone
  • Auction Manager can "copy" an auction if they run multple with the same settings
  • Value Received was not taking into account the quantity purchased. Now it does!
  • The UK (+44) was missing as an option when registering on the web as a new user. Our apologies for all who live in the UK! It is fixed now.
  • The iOS app would not let some bidders purchase more than 1 ticket at a time. It does now.
  • The bidding website is much more friendly to crawlers now and much of the sharing capabilities (Facebook, Google, Twitter) have been fixed
  • Handbid TV dashboard was showing bidder's name instead of their Paddle Number on the Top Items screens. That has been fixed!
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