Paddle Number and PIN Code

When a bidder account is created, Handbid will automatically assign a five digit PIN CODE that the bidder will need to enter on the app to log in. This number is ONLY used to log into the app or can be used as the users password on the Handbid website.  

When a bidder is checked into an auction or chooses to bid in an auction they are assigned a paddle number unique to that auction.  The Paddle number is a three digit code and will be the number the bidder will use to bid on the Handbid iPad app or for the live auction.  

The paddle numbers are assigned sequentially by the system and start with paddle #100.  If you remove a bidder you CANNOT reuse their paddle number. 

To find an individual's paddle number, go to People ->Bidders on the left navigation of the auction dashboard. Type the bidder name or email into the search bar. You will see the column titled Paddle#. 



If you select a bidder name from the list you can find their PIN in the header of the popup window. 



If the bidder is not in the list, see Lookup Existing Bidder for information on how to add them to your auction.  



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