Create Auction or Update Auction Settings

The following information will show you how to create a new auction in the Handbid system or edit your existing auction settings. 


When you create an auction, you are establishing a new auction and the initial settings in Handbid. Let’s get started.


  1. From the MAIN DASHBOARD, select the AUCTIONS menu item on the left navigation panel. 
  2. Select the CREATE AUCTION menu item.  This will open the Auction Setting tabs. 


INSTRUCTIONS: UPDATE an Existing Auction


  1. From the MAIN DASHBOARD, select the AUCTIONS menu item on the left navigation panel. 
  2. Select the AUCTION name you want to edit or select the auction name on the badge in the main section of the window.   This will open the Auction Dashboard. 
  3. Select the "gear" next to the auction name at the top of the screen.  This will open the Auction settings tabs. 



Auction Settings: Contacts


We now require you to create an organization contact and add them as the Auction Manager contact. If you have not created your organization contact do so by selecting the top box with the icon. You will need to add first name, last name, email, and phone number.

Auction Settings: INFO


Name - Enter the name of your auction.  This is the name that bidders will use to recognize your auction. 

***IMPORTANT*** - Please double check and enter the name of the auction correctly.  Once saved, this will determine the URL link used for the auction. You will be able to change the name, but the URL will remain the same from the first time it is saved.

Status ID - This determines the visibility of your auction to your bidders. Initially, when you setup your auction the Auction Status should be in Setup status.  Below is a description of each status: 

  • Setup - Auction is being setup and is hidden from the website and the Handbid apps. Your auction is not visible to bidders in setup mode.
  • PreSale - Auctions in presale mode allows bidders to be able to purchase tickets (if they are enabled for your auction) and any for sale item that is marked as "AVAILABLE FOR PRESALE". 
  • Preview - Auction is visible on and in the mobile Handbid apps for everyone to view, but bidders are not allowed to place a bid.  Preview mode will show you what your auction will look like when it is opened.  This mode is a great way to make sure your auction is correct before opening it up for bidding and to check your images for accuracy. 
  • Open - Your auction is open for bidding!
  • Paused - Bidding is temporarily paused and bidders will not be able to bid while your auction is in this mode.  This can be used if, for example, you want to stop bidding during a presentation at your event. 
  • Closed - Your auction is complete and has been closed.  All auction winners have been calculated.  We recommend using the timer to close your auction. This will send out a notification to your bidders and set a countdown clock to close.

SHORT CODE - This is created when you request a short code. Once you request your code you can select the copy bottom which is the two squares overlapping icon. Paste it in a web browser to verify it works. What is a short code?  It is a shorter URL that you can provide your guests instead of the full URL to your auction website.  Each of these codes will be connected to

So for example, if you request a short code of "tigerpaw", then a short URL to your auction webpage would be:

Short codes are also a handy way of connecting people to your auction year over year. Each year, we can update the short code to your new AUCTION URL and you won't have to change materials.

PLACEMENT LABEL - Handbid will provide placement information to your guests on the dashboard in the app or the Website.  Placement is a generic term for "where is this person going to be sitting or participating at our event." If this is a sit-down Gala, this could be "Table" so that you could tell John Smith that he is at Table 12.  At a golf tournament, this could be "Cart" so you could tell John Smith that he is in Cart 18.  You can make this whatever you want (ie: Section, Group, Table, Cart, Team, etc.), or you can leave this section blank.

Item Sort Method - This auction setting will allow you to chose how you want your items to be viewed by your bidders. Sort by name is going to list the item in alphanumeric order. Sory by code it is going to list your by item code.

Auction Options Available 


Test mode will allow you show that it is a test. Creating a test auction is a good way to get a feel for the software. It is important to distinguish that an auction is in test mode and none of the items are really up for bidding. Depending upon your event you can enable sales and live auction features from the auction options.

Enable Ticket Sales - Check this box if you will be setting up tickets in the Handbid system.  Handbid has a very basic ticketing system that you can use. This allows you to create and sell tickets for your event. Handbid will create an invoice for your guests that reflects their ticket purchase. To create a ticket, select "ticket", from here you can create your various tickets. See the article on Adding a Ticket for more information. 

NOTE: Ticket purchases on the Website allow bidders to enter a discount code and will require the bidder enter a credit card an pay for the ticket at the time of sale.  Tickets on the website only show up by selecting the pick BUY TICKETS button under your auction banner.  TICKETS DO NOT HAVE TO BE IN A CATEGORY TO SHOW UP ONLINE, but you must have enabled Ticket Sales on the EVENT INFO tab of your auction settings.

In the Handbid Apps, user are not able to enter a discount code at this time (coming soon...) and ticket sales are not automatically charged within the Apps.  If you DO NOT put your tickets in a category they will not show up in the Handbid Apps.   

Auction Settings: GOALS


This tab allows you to set up your auction goals.  Once these are established the auction stats will track your progress towards your goal.

Please remember to make sure your goals are realistic for the auction items you have. For example, if the total Fair Market Value (FMV) of your items is $10,000 an your starting bid prices total $4,000, a goal of $15,000 would be hard to achieve in a silent auction.

Goal Silent - Combined revenue goal for all of your auction items that are marked as silent. 

Goal Live - Combined revenue goal for all of your auction items that are marked as live.

Goal Purchase - Combined revenue goal for all of your for sale items (excluding appeal for sale items).

Goal Appeal - Combined revenue goal for all of your for sale that are marked as "IS APPEAL" in the item settings. 

Goal Ticket - Combined revenue goal for all of your ticket items. 

Auction Settings: EVENT INFO


Description - This provides your audience with detailed information about your event. It will be displayed on the website and CAN contain HTML markup. You can find many good HTML mark up editors to use if you don't know HTML. HTML is a web formatting language that will allow you to change fonts sizes, bulleted lists, bold, italics, etc. This is a good place to give detailed information about your event and/or auction. We have also added in tools along the top for customizing your text and formatting your message.

Event Location - When entering the location of your event you will see google place populating below. When you select your location via google places all the fields will auto populate Country, Time zone and vanity address. 


Time Zone - select the timezone for your auction location.  The list of timezones here will be based on the country and province(state) you specify for your event.  If you don't see a timezone that matches yours, then set your address properly, save the auction settings and come back to see if the list is then correct.

Street, City, State, Postal Code, Country - Enter the address for your event.  A map for this address will be displayed on the website. If your auction is online only, enter the address of your organization as a map will be displayed on your auction website page.  

Vanity Address - Display name for where your event will take place. (Example: Marriott Downtown Denver)

Attire - Under attire we want to relay what is appropriate to wear Cocktail, Casual, Business Casual, Black tie ect. 

Start Time - Date and Time your auction will open (NOTE: this is for display purposes only. ****YOUR AUCTION DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY OPEN BASED ON THIS TIME. We have learned in the past that auction managers often change start and stop times, so we stopped automating the opening and closing of auctions.  You will need to open your auction using the PLAY button on the top navigation of your Auction Dashboard.

End Time - Date and Time your auction will end (NOTE: this is for display purposes only).  ****YOUR AUCTION DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE BASED ON THIS TIME.  Because this is so important, we are going to state this again:


Event Images - 


Auction Settings: IMAGES


Auction Image – Add an image that you want to display for the auction event. This image will be displayed next to your auction name on the website at and in the listing of auctions on the Handbid app. This image should be a square format with the maximum recommended size of 600 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall.

Auction Banner - This image will get displayed at the top of your auction page on the website. This image should be 1140 pixels wide by 280 pixels tall. 

Mobile Splash - This image will be displayed when bidders first enter your auction on the Handbid iPhone or Android app. This image is for auction sponsors and should be no larger than 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels tall. 

Handbid TV - You can set the colors that will display on Handbid TV. We also have a special appeal color if you would like to add specific color to your appeals page. At the very bottom we have a spot to put a different logo on your Handbid TV display.

Auction Settings: FINANCIAL


Enable Credit Card Support - If this box is checked, users will be able to add credit card (CC) information to their account and will have the option to MAKE A PAYMENT directly from their invoice (within the app).  You will also be able to charge stored credit cards within the Auction Manger. 

Here are some things to consider about our CC system.

  • You must enable this if you want to require a that a user put a card on file to bid.
  • Credit cards are NOT automatically charged.  Even if someone has a card, on file they can choose to pay with a different credit card, or pay you by cash, or check. 
  • We offer this service as a convenience. However, we charge a 3.5% transaction fee on all funds processed using this system.

Require Credit Card - If this box is checked, bidders will be prompted to enter a credit card before they are allowed to place a bid.  (NOTE: Enable Credit Card must be checked to use this option). 

Require Address to Pay- If this box is checked, bidders will be prompted to enter their address before they are allowed to pay. 

Spending Threshold - If you require a card to bid, you can set a threshold here that represents when the requirement kicks in.  For example, if you put 100 here, then Handbid will allow a bidder to bid up to $100 before it prompts the user for a credit card.

If this field is left blank, then the threshold is assumed to be 0.  In this case, bidders will have to enter a credit card before they are allowed to place ANY bid.  (PLEASE NOTE: Enable Credit Card Support and Require Credit Card must both be checked to use this option). 

Auction Premium - This is a percentage that will be added to the total invoice amount for ALL BIDDERS. This premium percentage is added to the total amount (including taxes). Some of our customers decide to use this to cover CC fees. Note, however, that this premium will still apply to those users who pay by cash or check.  If you intend to use it to cover your CC fees, you should set the threshold to 3.9% to 4% to cover the entire amount of the fees. 

Currency - select currency for your auction. Default setting is US Dollar (USD).  If you change this setting, your CC transactions will happen in the currency you have selected. Note that all transactions will eventually settle in USD.  Your bidder will pay in the local currency you set, but the final settlement back to you will be in USD when we transfer funds. 

ALL FOREIGN CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS INCUR AN ADDITIONAL 2% FEE! If you change the currency to anything other than USD, you will be subject to this fee. 


Auction Settings: BIDDERS


Require Bidder Checkin - This feature gives you more control on who can bid in your auction. Want to limit bidding to local bidders only? Want to only allow specific bidders to participate? You can control this by requiring that they be checked in to bid.

If this box is selected, anyone will be able to see your auction and register for your auction, but they will not be able to place a bid until the auction manager checks the bidder into the auction using the "Is Checked In" functionality in the Auction Manager. 

Enable Per Bidder Spending Limits - For more information about this functionality, please speak with the customer service department. 

Bidder Location Check (Ask bidders if they are OnSite) - Do you want to know how many of your bidders are physically at your event? Ask them! "Are you bidding from the arena tonight?" They will be prompted with this question so you can tally your OnSite-vs-remote bidders. 


Auction Settings: NOTIFICATIONS


Notes for Receipt - Add custom text to the bottom of every receipt. We HIGHLY recommend you place contact information for picking up auction items, a thank you for supporting your organization and tax information if applicable. You can use the list of "tokens" on the right to personalize your message. Below an example receipt note:

Thank you {bidder} for your participation in the {auction} Auction!  Our {org} could not function without your generous support. This receipt/invoice will serve as an official statement for items purchased at this event.  We are a 501c3, so some portion of your total may be tax deductible.  Please consult with a tax advisor to determine the amount (if any) you may be able to deduct. If you have additional questions about the auction or your items, please contact Bob Smith at 555-555-5555 or

Welcome Message - Your welcome message will show up when your bidders register in your auction. Below is an example text.

{bidder} -

Welcome to the {org} {auction}! We appreciate your support and participation. 

We have Auction Volunteers who can help you place or track bids throughout the evening.

We hope you find something you like in our Auction. Funds raised will support our programs and activities throughput the year. Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

 The Cause Team,

Shipping / Redemption instructions - This will be a custom message in your auction to your bidders. You will want to mention who the auction manager is if shipping needs to be arranged. You may want to say shipping fees will be assessed on auction items that need to be shipped. Also let your bidders know where the checkout is and what times it will range from.



Select the UPDATE button at the bottom of the page to save your auction. 

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