Planning Your Registration & Check-in

Planning a proper check-in

Are you checking in or registering people for your event/auction as they arrive onsite? If so, you need to ensure this process is seamless and moves along as quickly as possible. 

  • Encourage as many people to pre-register in the Handbid system as possible. This helps decrease the time it takes to register onsite.

Making the check-in process efficient

  • USE LAPTOPS FOR CHECK-IN!!!. Laptops are more efficient than iPads for data entry and faster to use.  You can capture credit cards using laptops.  In addition, laptops have much faster processors and will not slow down check-in.  
  • You can use iPads for check-in as a supplement to help get more people processed if things get backed up.

Setting up registration area

  • Make sure there is ample space to allow people to get in the door and get in line. Waiting outside for check-in may be uncomfortable if the weather is not suitable for long (or even short) periods of waiting. 
  • We recommend 1 check-in station for every 75 guests/couples with a minimum of 3 stations.  
  • Check-in works best if your check-in volunteers are standing. This makes it easier to have a conversation with your guests without them having to lean over. This can be easily accommodated by using "high top" cocktail tables, easily rented at any event location. 
  • You will need internet access at your check-in station so that your volunteers register bidders and your guests are able to download the app. 

How many people at check-in do I need?

Count on registration taking about one minute per person/couple. As stated above, we always recommend a minimum of three check-in stations, more depending on the size of your event. The time it takes to register a guest can be impacted by a number of factors:

  • Are you collecting additional information? (address, etc.)
  • Are you collecting a credit card?
  • Are you assigning or giving them a table number?
  • Is the person already registered in your guest list?
  • Does the person already have the Handbid app installed?

If you have an event with 350 people, it is our estimate you will register somewhere between 150-200 people (assuming some come as couples). Three check-in stations would be able to handle 50-70 people each and it would take about 50-70 minutes to get everyone registered.  Do you want to make check-in go faster? Require less information, get people registered in advance, or add more check in stations.  

Want to read more? See our attached ZEN and the Art of Checkin EBook.

If you would like more information on the credit card readers we prefer to use Click Here!




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