Placing Bids on iPad: Bid, MaxBid, Buy It Now

Placing a Bid/Max-bid

This is how to place a bid or a Max-Bid on an item.

  1. Select an item 
  2. Hit either the GREEN bid button or the grey MAX BID button
  3. The iPad app will ask you to enter your 3 digit PADDLE ID
  4. Once the bidder has entered their Paddle ID, the iPad will ask for confirmation of the bid
  5. Confirm your bid in the pop-up window


Buy It Now!

If the item has a "BUY IT NOW" option, a button will appear that gives the bidder the option of purchasing the item outright.  The bidder will be asked to enter their Paddle ID and then confirm the bid.  

Once complete the item will be added to the bidders purchased list, put on an invoice and marked as sold.


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