Selling UnSold Items Online or Second Chance Auction

If you have items that did not sell during your auction, Handbid allows you to reopen your auction to sell the remaining unsold items.   If you are going to do this you must complete your second chance auction within 30 DAYS of your original auction closing. 


MAKE SURE YOUR AUCTION HAS COMPLETELY CLOSED AND ALL OF YOUR ITEMS HAVE BEEN SOLD BEFORE YOU REOPEN YOUR AUCTION.  The initial close process can take several minutes and is not complete until you get a message in the Auction Manager stating "your auction results are complete!" Reopening your auction before all invoices are generated will result in items not being sold out!


  1. Create a new category for your unsold items.  An example might be "Fire Sale". Moving all of your unsold items to a new category will help bidders easily find them.   
  2. Move this category to the top of the list so that the category will show up first in the Handbid app. 
  3. Hide any unsold items you do NOT want to be available when you reopen the auction. 
  4. Hide any for sale items you do NOT want to be available when you reopen your auction. 
  5. Modify the close date in your Auction settings so bidders know the end date of your second chance auction!
  6. Click the play button and Open Your Auction.
  7. Be sure to promote to all of your previous guests that you have reopened the auction for items that were previously unsold. 

NOTE: Consider adding a BUY IT NOW price to these items at a reasonable price.  If you want them to be more of a for sale item without bidding you can set the Starting Price = Buy Now price and the first bid placed will purchase the item. 

We have found that auction items that don't sell during your initial auction are because the item did not appeal to your bidders or the price on the item was too high.  For these reasons we usually recommend you modify the price of your items  and open it up to a wider audience. 

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