Handbid Auction Manager MAIN DASHBOARD

When you login to your manager account (at manager.hand.bid) your MAIN DASHBOARD will appear. From the MAIN DASHBOARD you can manage your Organization, Contacts, and Auctions as well as access support. All of your auctions will appear in this screen.  These are color coded by status:

Preview - Orange

PreSale - Pink

Open - Green

Closed -GREY

Setup - Blue



You can view all of your auctions by selecting the AUCTIONS menu item on the left side of the Main Dashboard.  Click on an Auction Badge or Auction Name to navigate to the AUCTION DASHBOARD for that auction. Select the CREATE AUCTION menu item to create a new auction. 


Your Organization Name will appear at the top of the screen in the grey bar.  Select the edit icon next to the organization name to EDIT YOUR ORGANIZATION INFORMATION. 



This is what your organization information page will look like.




Contacts are anyone that you have invited to attend one of your auctions.  Contacts are NOT BIDDERS unless they have been added to an auction in your organization. This can be accomplished with the Add Bidder icon at the top of the Auction Manager.


If you have a guest list of attendees for an event you can add these attendees as Contacts before your event and then add them as Bidders once they show up at your event and are ready to start bidding. This will be done on the Main Dashboard under contacts.


The advantage of first adding them as Contacts is that you can quickly search for them by name and confirm their email and cell phone number before checking them into an auction.  See  Register Bidder for more information on searching contacts and adding them as bidders. See Contacts for detailed instructions on uploading a Contact List and adding them to your auction.


Click on 'Support' in the left hand navigation to access the Knowledge Base directly from the Auction Manager. 

For detailed information on setting up your auction click here Auction Settings.



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