Bidder Self Registration

Getting bidders to register early makes the entire registration process seamless and less stressful. Below are some ways to make that happen:

  • NOTIFY bidders before your event that you will be using mobile bidding! This can usually be accomplished by email. Below is an example email text you can use.
  • ENCOURAGE bidders to signup for a Handbid account and download the app BEFORE THEY ARRIVE. 
  • OPEN your auction for pre-bidding and get people signed up and excited about your auction before they arrive at your event.  
  • ASSIST your bidders with pre-signup by offering a help desk where you can create accounts and get people signed up prior to your event. (This works great for schools to offer assistance while families are at the school for a different purpose such as drop off, pickup, book fair, etc.)

 Send your bidders a link to view this 2 minute video on downloading and using the Handbid Mobile App.


  • You may want to include a section telling people what to do if they don't have an iPhone or Android.  We have some instructions on that here in the Knowledge base.
  • Your bidders can also bid on the web.  If you believe that they might, you can send them to your auction page at and have them sign up and start bidding there.
  • We have tutorial videos that show people how to get started with the iPhone/Android app. These may be useful for your bidders.  
  • If your auction is not in preview, pre-sale or open modes, then it will NOT be found in the auction list. Be sure to have the auction visible before sending out any pre-registration instructions.
  • You may want to offer an incentive to get people to sign up early. Some ideas of incentives that we have seen work are:
    • Give everyone who has the app installed a Free Raffle Ticket or Drink ticket
    • One school offered up $2 Starbucks cards (enough for a large coffee) for anyone that showed up in the carpool lane and showed the auction team they had the app on their phone
    • Have a VIP early checkin line for those that show up with the app already installed



The Following email example can be sent out to your guests ahead of time to let them know your auction has gone mobile and here is how they can get in the game!

Hello [NAME],

We are excited to tell you that our auction has gone mobile this year! [AUCTION NAME] will be using Handbid, a mobile silent auction platform that allows you to bid from your smartphone.  

Save time at checkin by getting setup and Bidding BEFORE YOU ARRIVE!


    If you have an iPhone or Android, you can download the Handbid app from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Google Play store

    Please note we strongly recommend you “accept notifications from this app” when you open it and join an auction. This will allow you to get push notifications for “Outbid” messages during the auction.


    Next, create an account. From the app home screen, tap on “GET STARTED” button and complete the information (please use your cell phone number - this is important as this is the number your notifications will be sent to). Tap NEXT

    Handbid will text you a 5 digit code.  Enter this code to login. 

    Once you are logged in, select [AUCTION NAME] from the list of auctions and START BIDDING!


    Whether you are bidding online or in the Handbid app, here are some easy tips to help:

    • MAX BID:  This is the maximum amount you are willing to spend for an item and the Handbid system will automatically bid for you until you reach your max.  Set a max bid and enjoy your evening!
    • NOTIFICATIONS: If you have downloaded the Handbid app and accepted push notifications, you will be notified when you are outbid on an item.  If you don’t accept push notifications, you will receive text messages from Handbid.
    • DASHBOARD: Monitor what you are currently winning and losing on the dashboard screen in your app or online. 

    No smartphone? No problem

    You will be able to access the auction through a web browser at URL:[AUCTION URL] or we will also have iPad's available at the event to get you signed up and bidding!



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