Instructions & Video: Bidder Setup/Registration (Add Existing Bidder)


Handbid supports a feature called Mobile Deep Linking.  This is a solution which allows the user to be set up in the app and logged into your auction with a single link sent to their phone.

The user will click on the link from their smartphone that is related to Handbid. The phone will be trained to open the link in the Handbid app if the user has it installed. If if is not installed, the system will instead take them to the AppStore (or Google Play Store) to install it and then execute the link.

For setup and registration,  guests now simply have to click on a single link and log into your auction.  To view this simplified process watch the video below:


Handbid DeepLinks from Jeff Porter on Vimeo.

Need more details on how to register a Bidder? 

Bidder Is New to Handbid:

To add a bidder with an existing Handbid account to your auction is similar to creating a new bidder.

In the Auction Manager, click the Add Bidder icon at the top of the auction dashboard. 



In the Contact Search, enter the bidder email address and select "Go".  


Search will return anyone from the Handbid database that has the exact email address you entered.  Search by name here will only return matches of people that are associated to your auction as a bidder in one of your auctions or a Contact in your auction.  

Select the Radio button of the person you are looking for their information will populate on the right screen. 

Hit REGISTER and complete CHECK IN

In the case where the bidder is new to Handbid and might not be familiar with the app, your checkin volunteers need to make sure they understand your auction will be using mobile bidding technology and get them setup with an account.  See Auction Check-In Script for more information. 

  1. Register the bidder using the auction manager and check bidder into your auction. 
  2. Have bidder CLICK ON THE LINK that was sent to them when you checked them into the auction (Step 1).  This will take them to the app store or google play store to download the app and then log them into their account. 
  3. Write down PADDLE NUMBER if they will be bidding on iPads or if you will be having a LIVE auction or Paddle Raise.  

If you want to make checkin SELF SERVE - bidders can also Download the Mobile App and create an account directly on their phone. See Video Handbid: Mobile App Setup

Bidder Has A Handbid Account, but has NOT Downloaded the App:

  1. Lookup existing bidder in the Auction Dashboard by selecting the "Add Bidder" icon and searching for the bidder.  If you cannot find them by name (first or last) enter their email address in the search field and Handbid will search the database of all users. 
  2. Once you find the bidder, select REGISTER and then CHECKIN.  This will send a text to the bidder with a login link that will direct them to download the Handbid app and log them into their account. 

Bidder Already Downloaded the App, but has NOT Created an Account:

In this case, the bidder has already downloaded the app, but does not have a Handbid account.  An account can be created two ways:

  1. Self serve: Have them enter First Name, Last Name, Email and Cell Phone on the Handbid or Android app and have them create an account directly on the app. They can now select your auction from the list.
  2. You can create an account for them in the auction manager and text them a login link. See Create Bidder Using Auction Manager. The bidder will need to click the text login link and they will automatically be logged into your auction.

Do you want to search for a bidder in the system?

You can search for a bidder by name if they are associated with your organization as a CONTACT or an existing bidder.  To search outside of your organization you must enter a matching email address. 




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