How tickets create guest list slots

When a ticket is purchased by a bidder it will open slots in your guest list based on the number of people that are admitted per ticket. Popular tickets sold through Handbid would be a ticket for 1, a ticket for 2, and a table ticket which could be as many guests that you are seating at a table.

Ticket purchasers must be registered as bidders prior to purchasing the ticket. You can see the sponsor or ticker purchaser has a green paddle number. Having a green paddle number indicates on the guest list that the guest is a registered bidder.

Here is how tickets will open slots on your guest list:

A table or package ticket with multiple guests:


Ticket for 2:All_Guests_Seth_Davison_Demo___Handbid_Inc_.png


Ticket purchasers will be labeled as a sponsor you can sort your guest's ticket purchases by the sponsor.

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