How to import a guest list

To import your guest into Handbid from the auction manager go to people tab and select guests under the guests select guests import. On this page, you will see the sample file, and the choose a file button. You will use the sample file to enter all your guest list data and then upload into Handbid. You can drag and drop the file to upload or you can upload by clicking the select a file button.


*Important Information* Your file will need to be uploaded as a CSV file. The sample file will already be in a CSV format. Do not remove any of the columns of the spreadsheet that are not being used(e.g. one of the columns is a postal code if you are not going to enter data in the field leave it blank and do not remove it). At the very minimum, a guest is required to have a first name and last name.

First, grab the sample file it will look like this:


Columns A through J are going to be information about the guest. Even if you do not enter in these fields DO NOT REMOVE THEM.

Column L Sponsor: You can put the name of the ticket or table purchaser here or the name of a business or organization that has tickets or tables at your event.

Column M: Is placement you would assign a number to you guest based on where they are placed at your event. You will label your placement under the info tab in the auction settings(gear wheel). If this was a Gala event it would be table number, if this was a golf event golf cart number etc.

Column N: Notes if you wanted to put additional notes on a guest you can enter them here.



Once you have validated your spreadsheet you will be presented the total, errors, warnings, and skipped. Errors and warning will display a description of the issue. You can skip them by checking the skip box on the right-hand side. Or edit them in the spreadsheet and upload again. The total is the total amount of guest being uploaded.


Here is the sample file:

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