How to unlink a guest from one bidder account and assign to another

In Handbid when a user or guest registers as a bidder they receive a paddle number. Handbid differentiates bidder accounts by the email address used to create the account. Using different email addresses when registering a user can result in multiple bidder accounts or multiple paddle numbers. In this scenario, you can unlink a bidder account and reregister a new one or link an existing account.

How to link a bidder:

If Wilma Flintstone arrives at check-in to be checked in off of the guest and registered as a bidder, but she has already downloaded the Handbid app and registered we can link her bidder profile to her name on the guest list. When you select "register as bidder" you need to register her with the same email she used to register herself. This will display a user exists dialague and give you the option to link the bidder.


How to unlink a bidder:

So if we have a bidder named Wilma Flintstone and she is registered with the email at check in, and Wilma did not click on the login link on her mobile device. She downloaded the Handbid app and registered under a different email address We can unlink Wilma's bidder account that is set up on the guest list to the one she established on her mobile device.


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