Using Powerpoint to Resize Photos

We have a great video on how to resize images for Handbid, but it requires using a Mac and a program called ReSize Sense which is not available on Windows. 

While there are other graphics programs that can do the same thing, there is a rather easy way to get images resized to fit in Handbid using a program that many people have on their computers.  That program is Microsoft Powerpoint!  

So how does PowerPoint do this?  If you set PowerPoint's default slide size to 4:3, you can create a canvas that is the exact dimension you need for your photos. Then you just drop in a photo for each item (each on a different slide) and export them to images for import into Handbid. 

We have a video that shows you how this works here: 


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  • Using MicroSoft PowerPoint... The export feature is a bit different. This is what worked for me:

    -File/Save As/JPEG File Interchange
    -Save/Select All Slides/ Msg = Each slide is a separate file.

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  • Thanks Teal! I wonder if that is a PC vs. Mac thing. I appreciate the input as our PC users will need to know that.

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  • Yes... sorry. I am using a PC. When I tried the export feature you described the only option I had to save an individual slide was PDF.

    Once I used the File/Save As described above, the presentation photos saved as you described.

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