How to show and hide paddle numbers

In your guest list, whether it is imported or populated by ticket sales through Handbid. Each slot will generate a paddle number. The top of your guest list will be paddle 100 and the bottom will be the last paddle generate. There is a checkbox at the top of the guest list labelled "Show Paddles" select this button to show the paddle numbers.

This feature will allow you to know how many paddles you will need for your event and who will receive these paddles.

Important: It is best practice to hide paddle numbers during check-in. Paddle numbers are hidden by default. You do not want your volunteers at check-in to hand a paddle to a guest that has not registered as a bidder. This could create issues. Paddle numbers are only hidden for guests who have not been registered as a bidder. Paddle numbers display green when a guest is a registered bidder. Paddle numbers display grey and in italics to guests that have not registered as a bidder. 



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