Add additional auction managers to your account

We do not recommend that you share accounts with your staff as it makes it difficult to track the source of issues, and it is not a good security practice.

Instead, you can promote any existing user within your organization to manager status.

To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the user you are planning to add is a contact within your organization and also a Handbid user. The best way to do this is to have that person register for your auction.  This accomplishes both of those tasks!

  2. Next, go to the Organization settings within your account. To get the org settings, you need to be in your MAIN dashboard. Click the "edit" icon next to your org name in the header

  3. Next, go to the Staff tab and under manager, type in the email or last name of the person you which to promote to manager.


  4. If this person is in your contacts folder and a registered user in Handbid, their name will appear as a suggestion.  Select this and save your settings (Update). NOTE: If you get an error telling your your TaxID is in the wrong format, head over to the INFO tab to enter in a correct TaxID for your organization.
  5. You are able to add as many managers as you like to your organization, but we caution you on adding too many as each one will have administrative rights to your auctions, bidders, contacts, payments, etc. 


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