How to move Guests to the invite list.


Using the guest list you can easily move guest into the invite list. Using the "Add Guests to the Invite List" button.


When in your auction go to People > Guests > Guest List.

Simply select the guests that you want to add to the invite list by using the checkbox system. You can also select the top checkbox which will select all of the guests in the current view. Then select the "Add Guests to the Invite List" button.All_Guests_Guest_List_to_Invite_List_Demo___Handbid_Inc_.png

After you have check marked the guest and selected that add to "Add Guests to the Invite List" button you will see this message along with the "Invite" or "Cancel" button.


If a guest does not have a phone number or email they will not be able to be moved to the invite list. You will send invites via texts and emails.

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