Guest List on the iPad app.

You can now manage your guest list on the iPad app. This will allow you to manage checking in and registering guest from an iPad. Keep in mind you can always input data faster on a laptop which is equipped with a keyboard and a bigger processor than most iPads.

The first thing you will want to do is to generate a pin to access the manager side of the iPad app. This will show you some auction statistics and the guest list. You can assign a pin in the info tab of the auction settings gear wheel.


After selecting the setting gear. Go to the info tab an request a five digit pin code to access the manager side of the iPad app.


Update the auction with the new pin now you are ready to access the manager side of the iPad app.

Select the manager icon on the Handbid iPad app.

Then enter the pin to access the manager side of the iPad app.

Once you have entered the pin you will be greeted with the auction manager dashboard.


On the auction manager dashboard you can easily see your auction statistics.
-"Overall Goal" will show the amount raised against the total goal of your auction.
-"Bidders" will show you the percentage of bidders that are active against the total amount of bidders registered
-"Guests" will show the amount of guest checked in against the total amount of guest on your guest list.
-"Auction Performance" will show you the total amount of money raised against the total FMV of all of your items.

Underneath those stats you will see a break down of all the items by item type showing the amount of items sold or bid on and the total revenue correlating with those items.

Lastly at the very bottom of the Dashboard you will see bid stats which show you how many items you have without bids on them, bidders in you auction with now bids placed and the average bid per active bidder.

Select "Guest List" from the menu on the left side of the screen to view the guest list on the iPad.


1. Select the check box next to the guest name that you want to check-in. 
2. Then select the green "Guest Check-In" box in the lower right corner. This box will highlight green when you have selected a guest from the guest list.


After selecting a Guest and the "Guest Check-In" button you the guest check-in and registration dialogue will display.

1. You can simply edit the guest's information. (e.g. You change the name from Guest Flintstone to Wilma Flintstone) You can the check in the guest with the correct information reflecting on your guest list. Select the save button when you are done updating the guest's information.
2. If the guest wants to register as a bidder you can select this icon, if the name needs to be updated you can add or edit information in this Dialogue.First name, last name and email are required fields. You can register the bidder without a cell phone number if they want to bid from iPads at the event. The second cell phone field would be if two people wanted to bid from one account. Select the "Next" button when you have enter the bidders information.
3. You can then add a credit card for the bidder. Unfortunately we do not have a swiper solution for the iPads at the moment. How ever you can manually enter the card, you can scan the card or have the bidder enter the card on their mobile device if they are not bidding from an iPad.
4. If you have marked for sale or appeal items available at check-in you can add those items to the bidders invoice at check-in good examples of this would be a mulligan or beads for heads and tails. Select the quantity of the item and then select the green "Add to Invoice" button.
5. Check the "Send Login Link" box if you have registered the guest as a bidder and they are using their mobile device this will take them to download the app and auto log them into the auction.
6. Select the green "Complete Check-In" to finish checking in or registering your guest.

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