Adding sponsors to your events webpage

You can now add sponsorships to your event's website. Using the "Sponsors" tab on the auction settings. Sponsorships will display a clickable image that correlates with a URL and you will be able to track how many times the sponsorship image has been clicked on.

First off you will want to go to the auction settings, select the gear wheel next to your auctions name to access the auction settings.


Next, you will want to select the "Sponsors" on the far right. In the "Sponsors" tab you can add a mobile splash image which will only show up in the app, an event banner which will only show up on the auction website and you can add your "Event Homepage Sponsors" which will only show up on the auction website. 

Select the green plus sign that is below the "Event Homepage Sponsors" to add a Sponsor to your webpage. 


You can add multiple sponsors by selecting the green plus sign. Once you have entered your sponsor information select the update button to update you sponsor information.

Your sponsorships will appear like this on your auction web page and will also appear in the Handbid TV ticker every 7-8 events that pass.  For the ticker, it will show whatever text you putin the "Sponsor Name" here.









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  • Where does the event banner show up? I tried loading an image but it didn't seem to show up either on the web page or in the mobile app. Also, for the mobile splash, is it possible to have it cycle through your event sponsors? Or can you only feature one?

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