How much time will I need to setup an auction?

The short answer is not much time at all, it will depend on how prepared you are. The Handbid platform is real-time so you can add items while the event or auction is already running (although that is probably NOT what you will want to be doing at your event). All mobile devices and iPads will be updated instantaneously with the new information.  How cool is that? In fact, we have been at Handbid auctions where items were being added in the middle of the auction!

So let's get back to talking about auction preparation.  If you have all of your items organized into packages and categories; and you have your descriptions, starting bids, and bid increments set, and fair market values It takes just a minute or two to import those into Handbid. Once this is done, images can be added.

Once your account is created, an auction can be setup and items imported. 




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