What if my guest never got their PIN code?

If you have a guest that has registered themselves on their phone but never received their PIN code, there are a few possibilities as to why. 

1. The most common possibility is that the user mis-typed their cell phone number and Handbid has not be able to send it to them.  In those cases, please have them hit the "Go Back" button to go back to the registration screen on their phone and confirm their number.  

2. Another possibility is that the SMS just has not arrived yet. Once Handbid sends the message to the carriers, carriers often send it right away. However, in some cases, carriers queue messages. In those cases, we just have to wait.  

However, you can give the user the number they need and avoid having to have them wait.  you will need to look them up in the auction manager to give them their code.  Below is where you can find the code (if you click on the bidder from the "BIDDERS" list.



Another place to find the user's PIN code is in the Handbid welcome email they receive at registration.  See below: 






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