What if my changes in Handbid are not showing up on my auction website?

Our website implements a "Caching" system in order to improve performance.  What that means is that the website will store a local copy of how your items and auction look in order to improve the time it takes to load web pages. 

This cache is regularly refreshed to show the latest auction configuration information, but sometimes that refresh can take a few minutes.  If you are making changes to your auction and not immediately seeing the change, then you may want to wait a few minutes and try again.  

You can force a cache refresh by going into your Auction settings and saving your auction again. This will tell Handbid to immediately refresh the cache. 

It is important to note that the cache is only on auction configuration (auction settings, items, photos, descriptions, etc.)  Handbid does NOT cache item prices or bids, so the bidding experience will not be impacted. 

If you have made changes and continue to not see them appear on the website, please consider the following: 

You have added or changed an ITEM and not seeing it appear correctly

  • Is the item hidden?
  • Is the item in a category? All items must be in a category to appear on the web on in the app
  • Did you change the item's category (are you looking in the right place)?
  • Did you change the item's name or code?  If you did this, you may have changed the direct link to the item.  This should be ok but you may not be able to find it right away.
  • Is your auction in the correct status where items will appear? (Preview or Open)

You have added or changed your auction settings and not it appear correctly

  • Is your auction open or in preview or presale?
  • Are you changing the banner or auction logo?  If so, please be sure you are putting those into the right spots.  The mobile sponsor logo (the last one on the auction image page) does NOT appear on the web. 
  • Have you saved your auction settings?

If you are still having issues, please contact us at service@handbid.com and we will help you.




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